Where can I place my ads? 

Planology offers a variety of cost-effective advertising positions where your company can stand out and gain visibility.

Ads can be placed based on location:

You have the option to upload Home Page Slider Ads and Right-Side Column Ads to appear when visitors select any location. Every visitor must choose a location as their initial step in any further search.

When setting up ads, you'll encounter the location selector. You can choose to broadly display ads in one or all ten Global Locations, such as the United States or Europe. Alternatively, you can target your ads to customers as they navigate through global locations, Regions, Subregions, and even the smallest cities and towns using the area field.

For instance, if you want your ad to appear when someone searches in the popular resort area of Wailea on the island of Maui, in the state of Hawaii, located in the United States, you can specify that as your target location.

Select locations for your Planology Advertising

You also have the option to showcase ads based on Location, Category, and Browse (user search) Terms.

After selecting the location for your ads, you can further tailor their placement by specifying the Category and Browse (search) Terms they should be associated with.

The "Browse Terms" displayed under each category on the home screen aids visitors in refining their product searches. You can choose straightforward terms related to your business while incorporating attention-grabbing "hot button" terms to spark visitors' interest and encourage them to delve deeper into your product descriptions.

Suppliers can include up to four browse terms within their product descriptions, enabling them to improve discoverability and inject creativity into how they present their products.

PLanology Categories and Browse terms

Here is an example of how a category opens on the home screen and displays the browse terms suppliers have associated with it. They really help visitors narrow their search and hit their hot buttons. Bringing the visitor closer to making a purchase.

Before you begin uploading any ads, please take these important steps into consideration:

  • Typically, ads are positioned in the same locations as your product descriptions. However, if you intend to place them in different locations, make sure that all the necessary elements, such as locations and browse terms, are correctly configured.
  • Ensure you have a clear understanding of where you want your ads to appear. Once you've selected your Global Location and Region, if your desired ad placement involves a Subregion and an Area, make certain that each of these options is available in their respective dropdown menus.
  • You can double-check this by visiting Planology's home page and utilizing the "Start Planning" feature to test your chosen locations. If they don't appear, there's no need to worry.
  • If your desired Subregion and/or Area are not available in the dropdown menus, simply request the addition of these new locations to our location library. This step ensures that everything is properly prepared for your ad placement.
  • Once we receive your requests, we aim to add new locations as quickly as possible. The process may take up to 12 hours, depending on when the request is submitted. However, in most instances, new locations and browse terms become active in the system within 30 to 60 minutes. Be sure to check back soon for updates.

Remember that any advertisements you post on Planology to target "Leisure and Business travelers" will also automatically appear in the exact same locations on ACTIVITYSTORE.COM, our dedicated purely leisure product and services search engine, at no extra charge!

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